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SFO (School Family Organization)



  • Provide a vehicle of communication between parents, school faculty and staff, the church and the Catholic community.
  • Promote information and education for the benefit of students and families
  • Promote spiritual and social activities for students, families, faculty and staff
  • Aid with volunteer service


  • The SFO will consist of all parents and guardians who have students at St. Mary Elementary and all faculty/staff. 
  • The goal of the SFO is to have an Advisory Committee comprised of at least one parent representative from each grade level. Every year parents can commit to serving on the Advisory Committee by selecting this volunteer option through the school enrollment process.


  • The Advisory Committee will meet quarterly (4 times per school year) with the principal.
  • School-wide events (such as socials, educational, fundraising) will be hosted three to four times during the school year.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Advisory Committee:

  • Meet quarterly with the principal during the school year
  • Promote parental involvement and help build strong relationships among parents, teachers and the school to support all students
  • Support teachers and staff with prayer, meals during conferences, teacher appreciation, etc.
  • Help plan/organize school-wide community events, family education, social and networking opportunities for parents and fundraising events
  • Assist the school administration with fundraising events
  • Assist the school administration with funds allocation from fundraising events
  • Assist in identifying parent ambassadors for families new to the school